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Characteristics of Montebore

Montébore is produced with raw milk (heated to 36 ° C): 75% cow and the remaining 25% sheep, from dairy breeds raised on pasture in the area (all the most common Italian breeds from the Apennines are therefore allowed. to the Alps).
The specification also allows for the use of a quota of goat’s milk up to 5%.
Grazing in the uncontaminated area of these valleys is the absolute guarantee of the quality of the milk and the healthiness of the animals.

The curd, broken with a wooden spoon, is placed in the molds, turned over and salted.
After ten hours, the three shapes with a decreasing diameter are placed to mature one on top of the other.

Montébore can be enjoyed fresh (twenty days), semi-aged (up to two months) or aged (up to four months).

In some cases the maturation of some wheels is “pushed” up to twelve months.