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The tradition of Montébore is very ancient and there are different currents of thought on the authorship of the typical wedding cake shape, 3 tiles of decreasing size. There are those who attribute the birth to the wedding that took place in Tortona in 1489 between Isabella d'Aragona and Gian Galeazzo Sforza and the only cheese on the menu was Montébore, and the shape has been interpreted as a tribute to just Married. Others, however, believe that it can be traced back to the towers of the Montébore Castle, a fraction of the municipality of Dernice in the province of Alessandria, whose peculiarity is given by the shape of a wedding cake.

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Montebore is produced with about 70% of cow's milk from dairy breeds raised on pasture in the local area
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Its history, it can be said, is millennial. The first ascertained mention dates back to a medieval paper maker of 1153
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Traditionally, the production area is located in the hamlet of Montebore in the Municipality of Dernice ...
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